about us

Hi there and welcome to our coffee realm, our passion and drive.

We started roasting circa 4 years ago and this was done in a kitchen on small sample roaster out of curiosity and deeper understanding about the coffee roasting process. Occasionally we given coffee away to our ''guinea pig'' friends to try and give us a feedback.

When I visited a well know coffee roastery in the midlands, my mind exploded and I knew what I want to do.

The hard driven passion transformed in to Cracked Mug Coffee Roasters and we never looked back.

 All our coffee is roasted on 1969 uno style roaster and is fully analog. No software is involved all is done by hand, smell and experience.



True sometimes it can take few tries to get the best profile from a specific coffee but we love the process.

 Our goal is to get the best coffee to you and make sure we are able to trace every bean to its origin - country, farm and family. We work with some amazing people who are as passionate but coffee as we are and focus on sustainability and to protect local environment.



Thank you that you took the time to read about us.

 If you have any questions or just want to chat about coffee please get in touch, we would love that.